BRC20, mirroring Ethereum's ERC20, faces challenges including scalability issues causing network congestion and high fees, limited interoperability with other blockchains, security risks from smart contract vulnerabilities, and unresolved compliance and regulatory concerns, hindering its widespread adoption.

That's exactly why we need SyntheTech.

What is Synthetech?

Synthetech, derived from Synthetic+Tech, is an advanced modular blockchain project specifically designed to serve the BRC20 ecosystem, delivering efficient Layer 2 solutions. At the core of this project is the utilization of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, particularly in the realm of natural language-based smart contract generation, to provide users with a seamless and intuitive interactive experience.

  • AI-Driven Smart Contract Generation
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology
  • Layered Blockchain Architecture
  • Modular Design
  • User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility
  • Integration and Interoperability

Core Modules


SyntheTech's modular design is a standout feature that enhances its adaptability, efficiency, and user experience. This modularity is crucial for maintaining the platform's relevance and effectiveness in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and AI technologies.

  • Customization and Flexibility
  • Ease of Integration
  • Scalability and Upgradability

Zero-Knowledge Proof

SyntheTech's Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) enhances transaction security and user privacy on the blockchain. It verifies transactions without revealing underlying data, ensuring both data protection and system efficiency. This makes ZKP a cornerstone of SyntheTech's privacy strategy.

Enhanced Privacy



AI Enabled

SyntheTech's AI features streamline processes and enhance user experience. They automate complex tasks like smart contract creation, offer advanced data analysis for informed decisions, and tailor user interfaces for ease of use. These innovations ensure efficiency and a more intuitive platform.

  • Automated Smart Contract Creation
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Predictive Insights
  • Intuitive User Interaction

SyntheTech, leveraging its AI-based modular design, is poised to significantly enhance the overall efficiency and robustness of the system, ensuring a more effective and resilient performance across various applications and environments.

SyntheTech supports distributed storage expansion, enhancing its scalability and data management capabilities. This feature allows the system to efficiently handle increasing amounts of data across multiple nodes, ensuring robustness and reliability in data storage and access.

SyntheTech is designed to be highly user-friendly on mobile platforms, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for smartphone users. This approach enables broader engagement and seamless interaction with its blockchain and AI features.

SyntheTech features a robust security architecture, effectively safeguarding data integrity and user assets against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

SyntheTech effectively ensures the security of user assets through robust security protocols and advanced encryption, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential threats.

SyntheTech is fully committed to supporting and facilitating the growth and development of the BRC20 ecosystem, providing comprehensive resources and technologies to enhance its capabilities and reach.

Making Your BRC 20 Journey Simple.

Thanks to its modular design and the integration of AI capabilities, SyntheTech has significantly simplified the process of building and experiencing ecosystems based on the BRC20 standard. Users can now easily access blockchain functionalities, from the automatic generation of smart contracts to data analysis and user interface optimization, all through straightforward operations. This means that even users who only have access to a smartphone can easily engage with and utilize these features, facilitating the construction and management of their blockchain applications. This design not only enhances the platform's usability and adaptability but also provides convenience for users with diverse technical backgrounds.

Project Schedule

Modular Blockchain17%
AI Enabled Layer 239%
ZK Proof Module22%

SyntheTech's development approach integrates agile methodologies with a strong emphasis on modular architecture and AI integration. Initially, the team focused on creating a flexible and scalable blockchain framework. This involved extensive research and development in blockchain technology, followed by the incorporation of AI for features like smart contract automation and data analysis. The development process was iterative, allowing for continuous testing and refinement. Collaboration between blockchain experts and AI specialists was key, ensuring that both technologies were seamlessly integrated to enhance user experience and system efficiency. This approach resulted in a robust, user-friendly platform that leverages the strengths of both blockchain and AI.